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iVictrola iPhone and iPod Touch Amplifier

This is what is called as innovation!


This iPhone and IPod Touch amplifier is not powered by anything. Just connect your device and it plays it “loudly”.
No power cord, no battery recharge.

Looks like one of the oldies? Yes, it has elegant look, its shape, which makes it amplify your Apple device. And guess what? The output is great!

There are many Apple products in India.

It should be available in India as well.
Go India Go.

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Coffee + Tea Maker Designed by Naoto Fukasawa

It’s all how we think about Japanese things – compact, strait to the point, advance in technology and complex to build (and they are actually like that).

This coffee + tea maker is like that – ultra advance, slim, short and has won award for best design in 2007 in Japan.

With 6 cups capacity of making the stuff ready in less than just 10 minutes, a good equipment to have in urban and rural India.

Coffee + Tea Maker

Go check it out here:

So, what’s India waiting for?

Go India Go.

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Start fires with hot air with the Looftlighter

I know once you visited a nearby small village and have seen people lighting up fire to cook food, or to fight fire in winter season.
And that time you have seen lot of oil or inflammable material required to start fire.

Here is a complete solution, use it for fire-spot in your home or in villages with electricity supply.

looftlighter: flame on without a flame on:

Start fires with hot air with the Looftlighter

So, what India is waiting for? It’s the thing every one wanted at home…
Go India Go.

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