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Coffee + Tea Maker Designed by Naoto Fukasawa

It’s all how we think about Japanese things – compact, strait to the point, advance in technology and complex to build (and they are actually like that).

This coffee + tea maker is like that – ultra advance, slim, short and has won award for best design in 2007 in Japan.

With 6 cups capacity of making the stuff ready in less than just 10 minutes, a good equipment to have in urban and rural India.

Coffee + Tea Maker

Go check it out here:

So, what’s India waiting for?

Go India Go.

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Fusionbrands Food Pod, Cooking Vessel, Made of Silicone

Boil your food and don’t let it spread; no pot is required to put in water to boil.

What it is and where to buy:

So, what you thinking?

Go India Go; develop it, its a good business. 🙂

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