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You-Vision Video Glasses

Ever wondered there should be a video recorder with you all the time to capture any moment you want.

Here is the easiest & handy solution: http://photojojo.com/store/awesomeness/you-vision-video-glasses

You-Vision Video Glasses

You-Vision Video Glasses

Glasses with video camera built in frame, with USB support for data transfer.

Why not in India yet?

Go India Go.

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Fusionbrands Food Pod, Cooking Vessel, Made of Silicone

Boil your food and don’t let it spread; no pot is required to put in water to boil.

What it is and where to buy:



So, what you thinking?

Go India Go; develop it, its a good business. 🙂

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Mobile Cinema DVD Projector

Hey, you got a mobile?
And, nice video, nd want to show it to friends or family…

Heres, what you need: a portable projector, neatly priced, ready to show the videos on the big screen.


Mobile Cinema DVD Projector

Mobile Cinema DVD Projector

Go India Go!

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